I climbed (partially ran) 55 of the highest peaks on Olympus. It took me exactly 40 hours, including about 5 hours for sleep.

The exact parameters of the route are difficult to give unequivocally. My watch recorded 107.5 km but I don’t trust it. The route previously drawn in the application was exactly 100 km. I estimate that the real distance could be about 102 km. The data on the elevation differences are much more reliable: according to the application, it should be 7400 m, the watch recorded 7612 m and I am inclined to believe it.


55 Peaks Project was developed and first performed by Michiel Panhuysen on August 17-18, 2018. Later, Michiel repeated the tour twice in a two-person team: With Jakub Hajek and Neequaye Dsane – both attampts in July 2019. Each time it was the same route from Kokkinopilos to Litochoro. I decided to slightly modify this route, or rather propose a different version. It is still 55 of the highest Olympic peaks, but in my version the start and finish are located in Litochoro. This changes a lot, of course. First of all, the start is at an altitude of 300 m, not 1100 m. At the beginning there is also a long ascent to the first peak, when you have to climb 1800 m to the top. One-third of these 55 peaks are climbed in reverse order, so there are ascents and descents from the different sides.